Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Troubled Water now on sale!

I'm excited that my new book is now on sale, and I think my fans are really going to like this one. It's a fascinating true tale, and like all my books, it reads like a fast paced thriller.

TROUBLED WATER is the little known story of a 1972 race riot and attempted mutiny aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, and the astounding drama that ensued when the Navy’s first black executive officer of an aircraft carrier had to put his own life on the line to save the ship.

Wild mobs were running through a ship, tearing innocent young sailors out of their bunks and beating them mercilessly. Marines were eager to stop the violence but reluctant to fire on their fellow American servicemen.

And in the middle of it all – the two senior officers who will determine whether this already tragic episode ends peacefully or spirals down into one of the darkest moments in Navy history. The first is an accomplished white officer who has risen to the pinnacle of his career, the glory assignment for any Naval officer – captain of a United States aircraft carrier. He is a good officer, well meaning and honorable, but like most whites in 1972 he doesn't always understand the struggles faced by the black men who serve under him.

The second is a younger black officer assigned to the ship only recently to serve as the executive officer, second in command of the carrier. An ambitious, highly accomplished officer, he knows the spotlight is on him as one of the first black men in such a high profile position but strongly resents any suggestion he is there because of his skin color. But when the riots break out, he is still too new to the ship for the captain and crew to really know him.

Together – and sometimes separately, sometimes in spite of each other – they must find a way to end the violent race riot that threatens one of the world’s most powerful aircraft carriers.

Buy Troubled Water now at your local book store or click here for easy ordering on Amazon.com.

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